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Here's the truth. You really are beautifully and wonderfully made. Even though your insides may protest when you read those words, they contain the key that unlocks whole and healthy living: your identity. You are safe. You are loved. You are amazing. And you can learn to live like it's all true.

Sometimes all we need is someone to walk alongside us with the grace required to reveal the big truth: you have what it takes. You have far more resources than you might realize to handle life's challenges – it will just take time to discover them.  You are well worth the cost. 

When you learn to live fully alive – when you truly become yourself – all of life becomes a gift. Leave behind the days dominated by numbness, anxiety, depression, fear, addiction, and codependency. Step into a life of freedom, full feeling, and purpose. It's the life you are created to live.


Individual Sessions

Sometimes all we need is someone to guide us through.

Do you long for a "fully alive, fully free" kind of life? Therapy is an important tool to help you name and deal with whatever is holding you back. My goal is to walk alongside you, helping you help yourself as you learn to open up to the beauty and pain of being alive. Therapy with me will always be professional, safe, and ethical, but will be more like getting coffee with a friend than "5 Steps to the Perfect Life."


I graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy after graduating from Auburn University. I am an approved member of AAMFT and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#1439) by the State Board in Tennessee. To schedule a session or inquire further, click here to contact me and I will respond as soon as possible. Click here for testimonies



For larger groups, like churches or conferences.

Do you know a group of people who want to live more fully? I love looking out into the crowd and seeing eyes light up when people feel the truth: abundant life is truly already in them. God is there, working from the inside out, and He has made them enough... once and for all.

Join the growing list of groups who are seeking the fullness of life that comes from becoming yourself and living the life you're created to live.


Group Sessions

For businesses, small groups, or any group of people who want to grow together.

Think of Group Sessions as 33% deep-dive-into-the-soul, 33% group connection, and 33% me flailing my arms telling stories about how beautiful life can be. There are no more powerful forces for growth within a group than vulnerability and shared passion. Watch your team become themselves, together... then watch them go change their homes, their relationships, their offices, and the world!

To schedule a single or multi-day session or inquire further, click here to contact me. I graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy after graduating from Auburn University. I am an approved member of AAMFT. Click here for testimonies.

Healing and Wholeness

"Sarah met me with grace and truth at one of the darkest points of my life. Without ever trying to “fix” my problems, she simply stepped into the brokenness with me and helped me face the hurt and see the hope. She helped me fully embrace my humanness – to feel my feelings, and be honest with myself and the world. Counseling helped me journey out of the dark season, but also changed the way I will live the rest of my life."

"From my very first session with Sarah, I felt known and understood. She listened with empathy and guided me with grace through the process of digging deep into what I was feeling. My time with Sarah has helped me find healing beyond what I ever thought was possible, and she exceeded every expectation I had for a therapist. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

"When I first called Sarah about counseling, I was skeptical. I believed I had it together and only a few small areas of my life needed help, guidance, and talking through. I feared what counseling might open up within me. After a year and a half of counseling, I have come to understand my emotions and how to live in reality, not my own castle of lies. It is such a gift to live life more fully and awake!"


The Alchemist

Magic, mysticism, wisdom, and wonder in a tale of self-discovery.

Scary Close

At forty years old, Don Miller made a scary choice: be himself.

The Voice of the Heart

Know your heart so you can live fully with others and God.

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Inner Technology

How to be human in an increasingly digital world.

Facing Love Addiction

Shows us how to let go of toxic love relationships.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

A roadmap for discipleship with Jesus that is transformative.

The Language of Letting Go

Daily meditations for anybody struggling with codependency.

Adult Children

A look at what happened to us and how we can rectify it.


Reclaim your freedom to be who God created you to be. 

Facing Codependence

A framework for identifying and recovering from codependency. 

Telling Secrets

A celebrated author traces his father's impact on his life.

The Road Less Traveled

Explores loving relationships and leads us toward fullness of life.

Safe People

Guidance for making safe choices in all relationships.

To Be Told

As God writes your story, he uses your past to open up your future. 

A Grace Disguised

Coming to the end of ourselves  is the beginning of a new life.